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    Stories here please

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    MY welcome to the Salty Clan.. I was new to modded servers and being a refugee from Sydney hapis, with two aussies I started building.. while my buddies, BigMacca and grumpy are asleep a group down the valley are shooting up the neighbourhood.. I went up top with all my guns and ammo.. then there’s a knock on my door.
    several voices and a few shots come my way..then my front door is shot out with M249’s.. so I decide to talk..
    “if I come down will I be shot?”
    No, comes the soft lilting irish reply..i peek around the doorway and 5 or 6 fully geared players are hopping around with more guns than they should have. We talk, I agree that i’m peaceful and no bother to them..
    so with a have a nice day, they leave..i consider moving house but if I gonna be wiped out it might as well be here.. BUT…..2 days later with some barter and banter they ask me to join the clan..Since then my whole view of playing rust changed..i could go to war with these guys.. not just farm and build. My PVP is poor but I can produce resource.. they were happy to let me do my thing and go along on raids/attacks.. Since then I sit with a bolty and watch them do their stuff. if I see someone not of the clan I shoot, sometimes I even hit one! occasionally I kill one. mostly I’m shot down but there’s always a salty nearby to help me up.

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    addendum to the above.. after sometime with Salty clan I could distinguish the different accents enough to know who is who and what they do best. I was dubbed “Denmother” I suspect for my habit of carrying resources and always having ammo, food, meds, frags etc…when someone asked for them . I had them. I can’t look out for myself I have found but I can support those in the group.. But if I get salty i’ll go Yolo with a hatchet or bow..

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    ummmmmmmmmmmm…..? /sil šŸ˜›

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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