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Please take the time to read our community rules

As with any community we have our own code of conduct to ensure everyone gets the most out of their gaming experience. We have found that mixed groups of nationality, skill levels, age and experience can work seamlessly as long as these rules are followed.

Members found to be breaking these rules will be given either a temporary ban and repeated rule breaking will result in a ban from the community, this includes any servers owned or ran by

Most rules focus on respect to others and are in place for YOUR benefit, they relate to both forum posts and teamspeak communication

There will always be occasions that people disagree or don’t get along. Any case where there is tension between members it can reduce the enjoyment for the whole group so you need to try and resolve any issues in a respectful manner. The admins are always here to mediate and help with resolving any in game issues.

Some of the clans here are large well established clans and we can share our key values that have kept us strong and succesfull. At prime times there can be 15+ members in one voice channel so you must remember our basic rules of RESPECT and not interrupt or shout over other group members. Most clans work on a majority online basis… This means that you do not raid or drain resources unless the majority of players are online instead you play as a solo and farm/build until you have the safety in numbers with the majority online

1: No racism at any time

2: No adult content to be posted or shared

3: No spam (this includes voice spam in teamspeak)

4: Clan or guild leaders must register their group with admin to receive their own ts channel and forum section

5: Moderators must be active on a regular basis or mod status will be removed (this is to ensure content moderation stays consistent)

6: No advertisement of any other websites or gaming communities unless authorized by admin

7: Profile picture must not be offensive

8: In games such as Rust, player created signs and notes must not be racist or offensive in any way

9: Cheating or exploiting in games is strictly forbiden by SavageClans. Anyone proved to be cheating will be banned from the community. AS a member it is expected that you will report any cheaters on our forums with appropriate evidence.

10: Do not register if you have a VAC ban on your steam account


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